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Yuanjie Packaging: Velvet Bag

1 flannel bag is introduced
Velvet bag called Drawstring Jewelry Bag, jewelry bag. Is a kind of material with cloth containing container. The main materials are nylon velvet bag bottom velvet, velveteen cotton knitted bottom, bottom velveteen, velvet, plush etc.. With no spinning bag, canvas bag, a flannel bags and bags, is national "limit plastic order" issued after the alternative plastic bags a kind of environmentally friendly products. In the last few years, the demand and use of velvet cloth bags are becoming increasingly large..

2 definition of velvet bag
Whenever made of cloth material bag container called cloth is a used to hold cloth goods containers Sheng, it is a kind of environmental protection bag.

3 bags of flannel material
Velvet bag materials can be nylon knitted velvet velveteen bottom; bottom; cotton velveteen, velvet, plush etc.. This just is the most commonly used and other more general materials, such as: Zhuli cashmere, velvet jewel, electronic, suede, sofa fabric, knitted velvet is can do cloth.

4 kinds of cloth bag
Flannel bags according to materials can be divided into nylon cloth, knitted velvet bag, silk cloth, cotton bottom cloth, plush bag, panne velvet bag; depending on the rope locking type, divided into lock chenille cloth bag, pumping chenille cloth bag, beam chenille cloth, single rope velvet bag.

5 product features
Good practical performance. Flannel bag material can withstand the screen, bronzing, hot silver, embroidery, heat transfer and other kinds of printing process, in bag printing l pattern languages, products is rich in content, so that the appearance of the product conforms to the application. Two, lightweight portable. Flannel sewing bag material light, light weight; the beam rope closing, flexible and convenient, small and exquisite. Three, soft velvet bag. Flexible and durable, durable.

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