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Tips On Making A Good Logo

When doing a kind of  bag, you may be asked to make a logo artwork. Making a good logo artwork is important for some courses, such as logo size and prosition because you will be making them frequently in your career. You might be looking for computer tips and examples on how to make an effective one. Here are some words of advice.

Be Careful with Positioning
Often, designers neglect positioning during the design process. However, positioning does matter. The placement of a brand can give a lot of information to customers, such as the quality and price. Quality and brand positioning are related. A good example is noting the difference between position and at will position. If the logo is very big,you could put the logo at the bag bottom or change the logo size,so that the logo will suitable for the bag.If you at will put the logo,it's look so bad about one bag.

Be Careful with Logo Size
Some customer often like big logo,and other customer prefer to small logo.But the logo should determinant by bag size.If the bag size is 8*10cm,your customer want more bigger logo,so you could give some suggestions to your customer.

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