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Color Clove Smoked Bag

The company's products can be made according to customer requirements can be any shape. Is a kind of environmental protection bag, is also a national plastic limit of the introduction of alternative plastic bags of an environmentally friendly products, in recent years, the demand and the use of more and more large. This product with good practical performance, the material can withstand screen, bronzing, hot silver, embroidery, heat transfer and a variety of printing process, in bag printing various patterns and words, products is rich in content, so that the appearance of the product conforms to the application. The product is light and portable, its material is light, and the quality of the sewing bag is light. Products generally use beam reefing line mode, flexible and convenient, small and exquisite, soft feel, flexibility and high wear resistance, durable.

Shenzhen Yuanjie Packing Products Co.,Ltd