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About Environmental Protection Bag We Understand How Much

About environmental protection bag we understand how much

With the development of the economy, shopping in the supermarket has become an indispensable part of modern life, and people are also accustomed to the supermarket free of charge to provide the non environmentally friendly bags. Concern is that China's non environmental protection bag consumption is increasing year by year, plastic packaging has accounted for one-third of the total packaging materials, which annual output of plastic packaging materials in Shanghai up 15 million tons. These colorful, large and small environmental protection bags is harmful to the environment is amazing.

What are the hazards of non environmentally friendly bags?

The main pollution caused by the manufacturers of non-woven bags is "visual pollution" and "potential hazard" "Among them, the visual pollution refers to the destruction of the city appearance, is the most prominent in the problem of white pollution. "Potential harm" refers to the long-term environmental problems caused by the degradation of waste plastic products after entering the natural environment.. Plastic structure is stable, not easily destroyed by natural microbial bacteria, which means that the waste plastic waste if not recycled, will become pollutants in the environment permanently and continue to accumulate.

1, for general dry, it is recommended using American waste or the EU waste, according to the grade A or B cattle liner board paper technical indicators to control the base paper production. The surface layer can also not noodles, noodles, this complex pattern according to whether to print and advertising. The quantitative paper pages can be at 135~150 g /m2.. 25*20*15cm paper bag can bear the weight of 8~15 kg.

2, for the need to bear a certain moisture of the goods, you can use the whole paper. On the basis of the above criteria, the wet strength of 0.5~1.0% is added, and the wet strength can reach the dry strength of 10~15%..

3, for meat or other wet, can also be used throughout the manufacturing waste paper shopping bags. There is a need to add in the papermaking process of slurry or coated on the surface of environment-friendly oil proof agent. Can also use kraftliner intensity on the surface of the two spraying water soluble or degradable resin.

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