Non-woven fabric bags lead the economic transformation and upgrading


Non-woven bags are more economical

In today's society, everything is keeping pace with The Times, even the cause of environmental protection is no exception.The harm of white pollution intensifies people's desire for new environmental protection products, while non-woven cloth bags and environmental protection cloth bags not only have high value, but also have stronger functions, bringing new impetus to environmental protection cause.

The popularity of non-woven fabric bags and environment-friendly fabric bags, in addition to its own advantages, more benefit from the improvement of consumer awareness of environmental protection.The improvement of consumers' environmental awareness is of great significance to the promotion of "environmental economy".

It is imperative to spread the concept of low-carbon and environmental protection to all levels, let consumers firmly establish the concept of environmental protection at the ideological level, and consciously carry out actions of low emission and low pollution in daily life.Therefore, fully rely on non-woven fabric bags and other environment-friendly products to lead the transformation and upgrading of economic development mode, so as to make our home more beautiful.

Non-woven fabric bags are more solid

Traditional plastic shopping bags are thin and easy to break in order to save cost.But it must be more costly to make it stronger.The appearance of non-woven shopping bag solved all the problems. Non-woven shopping bag has strong toughness and is not easy to wear.There are also a lot of plastic coated non-woven shopping bags, is a strong, waterproof, feel good, beautiful appearance.Although the cost of a single bag is a little higher than plastic bags, but its service life of a non-woven shopping bag can be worth hundreds, even thousands of tens of thousands of plastic bags.

Non-woven bags have more advertising effect

A beautiful non-woven shopping bag is more than just a packaging bag for goods.Its exquisite appearance makes people fondle admiringly, which can be transformed into a simple and fashionable one-shoulder bag and become a beautiful scene on the street.In addition to its solid, waterproof, non-stick hand characteristics will become the priority choice for customers to go out, on such a non-woven shopping bag, can be printed with your company's logo or advertising, the advertising effect it brings is self-evident, the real small investment into a big return.

Non-woven fabric bags are more environmentally friendly

Is non-woven bag instead of white garbage of new products, with the increase of new energy, the relevant departments advocate environmental protection and energy saving, and environment pollution is increasingly serious, in order to get rid of the white pollution, make our life more beautiful, many have environmental protection consciousness of people thought about the new products, non-woven bags, and its advantage is obvious to all.Woven shopping bags are made of non-woven fabrics made of plastic. Many people think that cloth is a natural material, but this is a misconception.Sewn non-woven bag is a kind of dry non-woven cloth. Sewn woven bag is a kind of non-woven cloth made by reinforcing the fiber net, yarn layer, non-woven materials (such as plastic sheet, plastic thin metal foil, etc.) or their combination by using the warp knitted coil structure.Common non-woven fabric raw materials for polypropylene (PP, commonly known as POLYPROPYLENE) non-woven fabric bags or polyethylene terephthalate (PET, commonly known as polyester), environmental protection and ordinary plastic shopping bags, also can not be completely degraded.In terms of specific cost performance, under the same conditions, the strength of non-woven fabric bags is not as strong as plastic bags, and not waterproof, and its price is several times higher than plastic bags.Needle-punched non-woven bag: it is a kind of dry non-woven cloth. Needle-punched non-woven bag makes use of the puncture effect of needle to strengthen the fluffy fiber net into cloth.In particular, PP, like PE used in plastic shopping bags, belongs to the five general plastic varieties, which can not be degraded after 50 years of use.The production cost of non-woven fabric bag mainly includes two departments, one is the cost of raw materials, the other is the cost of cloth bag processing.At present, in the market conditions can buy the non-woven fabric of its specifications are very much, and the cost is not the same.Spunlaced non-woven fabric bag: spray the high pressure water into one or more layers of fiber net to make the fibers intertwine, so that the fiber net can be strengthened and has a certain strength.Thermal bonding non-woven bag: refers to the addition of fiber or powder in the fiber net hot melt bonding reinforcement materials, fiber net after heating melting cooling reinforcement into cloth.Non-woven bag is an environmental protection product, is now a more common packaging bag, mainly used for shopping, packaging, advertising, electronics, clothing, decoration and other products.The characteristic of non-woven fabric is that it has the environmental protection function that plastic products do not have, and its natural degradation time is far less than plastic bags. Therefore, non-woven fabric bags made of non-woven fabric are also considered as economic and affordable environmental shopping bags.