Beam Pocket Knowledge


    Beam pocket is also known as the retraction pockets, pocket lock, pulling rope bag, tight pocket is by to take all kinds of rope truss pocket, avoid contained substances leakage into the packing bag, mainly in the beam port velvet bag, beam port sack, beam port gift bags, widely used for packing gifts and products.

    Bag body material, mainly the use of non-woven fabrics, cotton, nylon cloth and other soft materials, there are also the use of linen materials. Non woven pocket, the price is relatively cheap, manufacturing simple, advertising effect is better; however, because of the inherent characteristics of non-woven fabrics, can not be long-term use. The use of non woven fabric in natural conditions is three five years.. The price of the bag is mainly based on its specifications, weight, printing requirements, the rope requirements, etc.. Non woven bag pocket, mainly for the product packaging, packaging, and require a thin or gift packaging, etc..

    Cotton bag pocket, because the fabric is soft, advanced, widely used in the internal and external packaging of senior products, and due to the easy washing, the use of a long time, can be repeatedly used, advertising better. Its price is higher than the pocket of the woven bag, the cost is also based on its fabric thickness, printing requirements, specifications, etc.. Plain cotton bundle pocket.

    Linen, the price is more expensive than cotton, so more advanced, mainly for senior product packaging. Because the retention time of linen cloth is longer, it can be used repeatedly, but because of the general contrast of linen texture, it is convenient for washing no cotton piece.. The price is also based on specifications, fabric thickness, printing and so to determine. The following picture is a linen bundle pocket for advanced drinking water packaging. Linen cloth beam pockets, beam pockets of rope, nylon rope, cotton rope, rope,, price, nature is the cheapest nylon rope.