Embossed: Definition And Uses In Fonts


Embossed Definition

In general, "embossed" describes an object that contains images or printing that are raised above a flat background.For instance,embossed has designs or words that sit above the leather and velvet background,like above picture1-1,1-2

Usage of Embossed

Embossed fonts are good to use to draw attention to what you are trying to communicate through your project.For instance,you may want to use embossed to design the bag logo,Although this style embossed logo not like screen printing have any color to decoration,its only have emboss trace.But this style logo also have mild feel and do not break grave.


This style of emboss logo just could use to leather and velvet this 2 kinds of materials.But this emboss logo size should not big and complex,if the logo size is relative big or complex,the emboss machine will be non-uniform heating couldn't printing on the bag material.So if the client's like this style of emboss logo,pls let the logo simple and nice.So that the logo could arrial the effect what you want.

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