Shenzhen Yuanjie Packing Products Co.,Ltd

Shenzhen Yuanjie has over 10 years
experience with professionally offer a wide range of environmental
friendly bags with attractive designs and cost effective bags including
Jewelry pouches,Cosmetic Bags, Drawstring Bags,promotional bag,
gift bag,satin bag,jute bag,cotton bag, Shopping Bags, Beach Bags etc.
The main materials of our bags are Cotton, Organza, Satin, Nonwoven,
velvet,jute,Nylon and Polyester.



  • Embossed: Definition And Uses In Fonts

    Embossed: Definition And Uses In Fonts

    In general, "embossed" describes an object that contains images or printing that are raised above a flat background.For instance,embossed has designs or words that sit above the leather and velvet background,like above picture1-1,1-2

  • What Is Muslin Fabric Used For ?

    What Is Muslin Fabric Used For ?

    Muslin fabric is a soft,plain-woven,inexpensive cloth that is usually made of cotton,It has a low count of less than 160 hreads per square inch,according to the website Fabrics Manufacturers, which also notes that muslin originated in the city of Mosul, Iraq.

  • Latest Designed Cute Bags!!!

    Latest Designed Cute Bags!!!

    This is our company newly designed pouch especially used for packing tea

  • Beam Pocket Knowledge

    Beam Pocket Knowledge

    Beam pocket is also known as the retraction pockets, pocket lock, pulling rope bag, tight pocket is by to take all kinds of rope truss pocket,

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